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The Maple Tree

Im sitting at my dining room table, if you can call it that. It is not so much a dining room table as it is the table. As in, this table is the one and only table in a house that totals less than 1400 square feet. Our dining room is the living room and vice-versa. In a tiny cape, with one of the house's three bedrooms downstairs, there isn’t a lot space left over for much else. The walls seem to creep ever closer with each passing year that the kids grow taller, more energetic, and more adventurous. 6 of us plus a dog and a cat make for a cozy first floor.

The view from this window today is incredible. The brightly lit leaves on the American maple that is framed perfectly in our picture window is a real sight. A torch burning brightly against the backdrop of today’s angry gray sky, it is a visual reminder that there was indeed a divine touch in the creation of our world. The verdant green that spans below its branches catching the falling embers completes the Rockwellian scene.

The Krakens, Rampage (Rocco) and Chaos (Rex) move around the house going from hockey fight to hockey fight. Checking the oil on poor Chesty, climbing on everything that cant be climbed on, and practicing their hand writing on everything they shouldn't, there is no end to their hijinks between bouts. All of this on the expansive 1st floor.

And they love my race car and my monster truck.

That’s right, according to them I own both. My "race car" is of a great vintage, 1994. A Plymouth Sundance with a 5-speed and a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder, it even has manual windows and locks. To the Krakens, it is a race car. My "monster truck" is a bit more of a classic. 32 years old and rife with “patina”, there isn’t much left of the body. These days it seems that Im spending more time turning wrenches on it than I am driving it.

The majority of any spare time this evening will be spent shuttling Olive and Vic to various practices. Im sure I’ll spend at least 30 min waiting on their coaches’ inability to stick to a timeline.

I’m knee deep in projects with work in an effort to take things to the next level. I haven’t slept more than a few hours per night this week because time waits for no man, and neither does opportunity. In an effort to turn 24 hours into 26 sleep takes a back seat.

It has been raining everyday since Sunday. There wasn’t a soul out on the trails or in the woods when the Krakens, Chesty, and I went for a walk this Sunday morning. Just the sound of Chesty bounding over hills terrorizing every living thing in his path, the rain falling and high-fiving the leaves on their way down, and the heart warming banter and laughter from the boys.

My kiddos just got off the bus and it is about time for me to head in to the gym to work. Im about to be surrounded by people that want to be there, that want to see me, and that want to work hard.

My pockets may be empty, my house a bit over stuffed, my body may be a little tired, and my cars a bit weathered, but my heart is full.

For some reason, that beautiful American Maple that burns brightly in my front window reminded me of how lucky I am. Take a moment to find your maple tree. Maybe is isn’t in your front window today. Maybe it is in a handshake with a stranger, or a simple word of encouragement that you gave to someone. Maybe it is in that last rep you forced yourself to squeeze out in the gym this morning. Maybe it is in a note you left for someone. What ever or where ever it is, find it. When you do, I'll bet you will be reminded that your heart is full.

Semper Fi,


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