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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 20, 4 AUGUST 2014

10,000 KBS, Workout 20, 4 August 2014

-I completed my ten-thousandth swing in 33:26 concluding the program, thusly, with a big ‘ol completion time PR. Using the original load, a 24 kg bell and 225# on the FS bar, I improved my FS completion time by 10:57. I got 5.5 hours of sleep the night prior.

-I came into this workout today rather stoically. It was the final one in this program. While I was excited to reach the end of my journey, judgment loomed over me in the form of the clock and it lay upon my shoulders, heavily. No matter how well I did yesterday, no matter how well I had done in previous workouts, I needed to make sure this was my best time – period. I was confident and I was feeling strong. Who am I kidding? I was feeling utterly unstoppable. I had to temper the rage that was deep inside me and ensure I didn’t come out of the hole too quickly. I wanted to keep an even keel and work at a pace that I could sustain, not an easy pace, but a hard pace that was sustainable for 30+ minutes. I tried like hell to remain stone faced about it while coaching my two early morning classes.

-I started the first cluster hitting the first 10 swings and I immediately knew today was going to be the one. That bell felt like a 16 kg. I got under the bar and confirmed for what I hoped – I was going to tear this one up. As I threw the bar back in the rack and got back on the bell I made the decision that I was not going to rest between sets of swings and squats, nor would I rest between FS reps with the bar racked on my shoulders. I was going to get on the bar immediately and “rebound” my squats. First cluster: mission accomplished.

-As I set the bell down after my set of 50 swings I nearly laughed out loud. I managed to keep my lips tightly closed, but I couldn’t believe how strong I was feeling. My breathing was minimally disrupted. Within 30 seconds it was completely under control and within 1 minute my heart rate was at a nice calm pace. Time to reduce my recovery period. I hit the second cluster after only 90 seconds of rest. -Second cluster was awesome. KBS and FS were amazingly light. Hell, Im getting excited just thinking about it again as I type this. I was flying and feeling great. I completed my set of 50 swings, again, amazed at how fresh I was feeling. Another 90 seconds recovery and I was onto the third cluster.

-The third cluster went down just like the second. I felt strong and like my lung capacity was nowhere near being tapped.

-Cluster four was motivating, as always – it was the last one before the last one. It came and went like a New Years resolutioner at the YMCA and I found myself in my final recovery period. 90 seconds later I was back on the bell.

-The final cluster was over in what seemed like the blink of an eye. I smoked through it. KBS were awesome and the FS flew up. I was a machine closing in on a goal and I knew it. The closer I came to the end the stronger I got. I’m not a great athlete, but I have a pretty good killer instinct. I love fighting right to the bell. Today was no different. I crushed my final set of 50 swings with a cadence of 40 SWP, or 1 swing every 1.5 seconds. I filmed swings 9,451-10,000. You can tell I was all business today as I went with the double sweatbands on the wrists. Yep, it got that real, son.

-I am going to give myself ~2 days of rest and then I will retest my BS and DL 1RM. I’m not going to retest my SP as my shoulder is absolutely not in any condition to do any pressing. In order to measure any increase or decrease in my work capacity I will swing the 52 kg bell. Im going to have to look in my log-book to see which of the two tests I’ve most recently done. It will be either, 100 KBS for time, or max swings in 10 minutes. I don’t remember off of the top of my head, which I did last.

-AAR will be out after I retest!

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