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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 19, 3 AUGUST 2014

-I completed the workout, using the 24 kg bell and 275# for BS, in 37:34. I got 7 hours of sleep the night prior.

-Knowing this was going to be my final BS workout, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to accomplish with it. One option was to continue in the same fashion as I had been. That is, increase the load if the previous performance warranted it, or repeat with the same load and attempt to finish the workout more quickly. The second option was to complete the workout using the same load that I used in the very first workout and then compare results.

-I decided on the second option as it was more in line with what I believe was the original intent of Dan John’s program and certainly the intent of what I was hoping to achieve. And, I wanted to see by how much I had improved since the start. So, I used a 24 kg bell for all my swings and 275# on the BS bar.

-The first cluster was a breeze. The second cluster was a breeze. The third cluster was not a problem and I finished it in less than 22 minutes. The forth cluster was where I first stated to feel like I was getting tired. I noticed it was taking me just a little longer to get under the BS bar after each set of swings. Regardless, I pushed hard and finished feeling impressively fresh and ready to go.

-The fifth cluster went by without any problems at all. I was able to maintain my pace and even pick it up a bit during my final 50 swings. I hit a swinging cadence of ~39 SPM during that last set.

-My completion time on this workout of 37:34 reflects an improvement of 8:41 versus my first workout. I was able to improve my time by drastically reducing my recovery time. In each cluster I completed 10 KBS, 1 BS, 15 KBS, 2 BS, and 25 KBS, 3 BS unbroken and without any rest periods. I gave myself 1 minute of recovery prior to knocking out each set of 50 swings. Rather than taking 3 minutes between clusters I took 2 minutes, only.

-That I was able to complete, in each cluster, the first 3 sets of swings and all 3 sets of BS without rest AND rest only 2 minutes instead of 3 between each cluster is a clear indication that I have become more fit. I will discuss this in greater detail in the after action report (AAR). But I have to say, I was shocked by how good I felt after each cluster and how quickly I recovered. The 24 kg kettle bell was flying up and the 30th BS felt as easy as the first.

-Tomorrow I will knock out my final FS workout. I will do it with same load that I used in my first FS session.

-Once I have officially completed this program I will author a complete AAR in order to discuss results, suggest any changes, and outline the way ahead for the next training cycle.

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