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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 18, 1 AUGUST 2014

10,000 KBS, Workout 18, 1 August 2014

-I completed the workout, using the 40 kg bell on sets of 10 and 15 swings and the 32 kg bell on sets of 25 and 50 swings, in 43:54. I got 5.5 hours of sleep the night prior. My swing cadence remained at ~38 SPM. For the same reason I reduced the load on my BS yesterday, I chose to reduce the FS load, today, by ~20%. My hip was feeling really good, but I wanted to ensure it continues to heal well. I maintained the intensity I needed by subbing TUT for weight. I used 185#, or ~.57 1RM.

-This is one of my quicker completion times. I am very happy with this time given the increased kettlebell weight and the amount of time it takes to do reps TUT.

-The first cluster had me a little concerned. The FS felt very good, to the point that I was contemplating adding weight, it was the swings that were feeling just a little heavier than I would have liked. Regardless, I blasted through the first cluster with zero issues.

-The second and third clusters felt outstanding. My swings felt much better than in the first cluster. I guess I just needed to knock the rust off a bit. FS continued to feel great. I kept a strict 4 count eccentric phase, 1 count pause in the bottom, and a 2 count concentric phase. This kept me under tension for ~7 seconds per rep and certainly made it challenging.

-In the forth cluster I found myself starting to find excuses that would enable me to take more time getting under the bar. I really had to stay disciplined and force myself to get moving and to avoid the self-made distractions. If you watch Video 2, from yesterday, you can see a great example of what I am speaking. As I come off the set of 15 swings, I am visibly breathing heavily. I approach the bar and take a few seconds to adjust the towel with my feet. There was no reason to adjust the towel other than to avoid the inevitable. I had to try like hell not to be that guy, again. I ended the forth cluster feeling like I acquitted myself well.

-During the rest period between the forth and fifth cluster, and during all of them really, I feel like I recovered extremely well. My breathing has been very consistent at 18 respirations in the first minute of recovery. Now, that is not happening naturally, I am restricting myself to 18. It is working well; I feel great at the end of the recovery period. All of my breathing, during recovery and while working, continues to be through the nose, only.

-I hit the fifth cluster with p*ss and vinegar in my blood. I was feeling spicy and was pretty pumped to knock out this cluster. I feel I blew through my first 3 sets of swings and all 3 sets of BS quickly getting to my final set of 50 swings. That is when I took my first look at the running timer. I knew I had been making good time and the clock didn’t lie. I saw it reading 42 and change and immediately hit the bell for my final 50 swings.

-It’s been amazing the mental transformation I’ve been going through during this program. The sets of 50 swings used to loom heavy on my mind. Now it’s the sets of 25 swings and 3 BS/FS that cause the most anguish. I believe its because I’m trying so hard to eliminate the excuse making that immediately follows the 25th swing and reducing the time it takes to get under the bar. Two more workouts remain. I’m looking forward to number 19.

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