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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 17, 28 JULY 2014

-I suffered a small set back in my quest to complete this program. While squatting today I tweaked my hip a bit. It occurred during the third cluster. I finished the cluster, but stopped the workout. Had I kept going I would have done some damage.

-I had increased the BS weight by 10# to 305#, or ~.78 1RM. I also decided to use the 40 kg bell for the sets of 15 swings in addition to the sets of 10.

-I should have had a great night’s sleep. For whatever reason my eyes shot open again at 0230. My head instantly filled with thoughts of the gym, my workout, WOD WAR III, welding, atlas stones, Rex and Rocco, training Olivia and Victor, etc. There was no returning to sleep. I went into the workout today with about 4 hours of sleep.

-The first three clusters felt good, much better than I had been anticipating. Then I got sloppy on the first rep in the set of 3 BS in the third cluster. My knee came in and I aggravated the strain I got a few months back while training for the Pan Ams. This was particularly annoying because despite the increase in BS weight and the additional 15 swings with the 40 kg bell each round, I was making great time. I ended the third cluster in under 30 minutes. I was on track for a great finish.

-While tweaking my hip is not ideal I do not foresee it as stopping me from continuing to train. I am going to rest the next 2 days and then hit workout number 17, again, on Thursday.

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