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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 16, 26 JULY 2014

10,000 KBS, Workout 16, 26 July 2014

-I completed the workout in 42:40. I got 7 hours of sleep the night prior. I kept the FS weight at 243#, or ~.75 1RM. This is my fastest completion time to date and the first time I have been able to break the 42 minute threshold.

-Coming into today’s workout I was both excited and filled with a bit of dread, for lack of a better term. The day prior I had completed the workout in my quickest time to date. It took a pretty serious effort to do that and I was feeling it in my legs, yoke, and forearms. I also worked late into the evening doing more welding on the new side. Though I tried like hell to eat well and stay hydrated – welding in a 90 degree building is conducive to neither. Prior to starting the workout today I did get about 7 hours of sleep, but was up early and had just finished coaching 3 back-to-back classes. That takes emotional, if not physical, energy from me. I state these facts to give you some context regarding my state of mind and energy level prior to the workout. I’m not complaining or making excuses.

-I warmed up well, and spent some time clearing my head. I thought about what I needed to do, the physical strain I was going to experience, and the emotional battles I would have to fight and when.

-I hit the first cluster with my head in the right place and determined to finish with a time of which I could be proud. The first cluster felt good, but man the FS felt heavier than I would have liked.

-The second, third, and forth clusters all went by as expected. I was feeling good and I knew the swings were not going to be a problem. It was the FS that were kicking my @ss. The sets of three were difficult. Mentally, I was letting them get the best of me. I started to think for a moment that they may not go up. Finally, I refused to entertain thoughts like that and I found my self starting my set of 50 swings in the forth cluster. I completed them with zero issues.

-The swings overall were feeling really good. They were becoming less taxing on my body. I continued to rely on disassociative breathing and I am convinced it is making a difference. My recovery was good enough to again shave time from my 3-minute rest periods. Doing so paid off.

-I held off looking at the running clock until I was ready to start the 50 swings in my fifth cluster. I had been hoping to see a good time when I finally glanced at it knowing that if I did it would provide a nice spark to get my final set of swings really cooking. Sure enough the numbers read just over 41 minutes – it was go time. About a minute and 20 seconds later and I was setting the bell down feeling like a million bucks knowing I had crushed another tough workout. As I type this I’m already thinking about my next BS workout. Do I add more weight to the BS? Do I add more swings with the 40? Or do I try to reduce my completion time, only? What ever I decide, my work is cut out for me.

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