10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 15, 25 JULY 2014

-I completed the workout, using the 40 kg and 32 Kg bells, in 43:37. I got 6 hours of sleep the night prior. I kept the BS weight at 295#, or ~.75 1RM.

-Thus far, 43:37 is my quickest completion time regardless of KB weight, exercise, or FS/BS weight. This is only my second time getting into the 43-minute range. My all time previous best was 43:50, and that was a FS day, using only the 32 kg bell on the swings and with 235# the bar. My previous best BS completion time was 45:28 and that was using only the 32 kg bell and 285# on the bar. That is an improvement of 1:51 while moving 1,200 more pounds.

-After yesterday’s performance I was looking forward to today’s workout, greatly. I felt like, though I had another long day the day prior (I was at work until 2100) I was far more rested.

-As soon as I picked up the 40 and started doing my first 10 swings I knew I was going to be able to get after it. After the set of 25 swings and 3 BS I decided I was going to try to shave some serious time from the workout by reducing my rest periods.

-I would try to subtract 30 seconds from each of the 3 minutes of recovery that I take following each cluster. If I could stick to that it would buy me 2 minutes.

-Clusters 2 and 3 felt strong – every aspect of them to include the 2:30 of recovery.

-Cluster 4 I was expecting to be more challenging than it was. I completed it, I feel, very efficiently. My squats felt good and quick and I was not terribly gassed like I was yesterday after the set of 50 swings. At the start of the forth cluster I didn’t know if I would be able to limit myself to 2 minutes and 30 seconds of rest, only. At the end my 50 swings, however, there was no doubt I would do it. I took a quick look up at the clock and saw that I had a smoking time.

-2:30 later I hit the fifth cluster like a machine. I was very deliberate and methodical on my swings. I didn’t want to waste energy by swinging wildly. I knew habit would be my champion. In every set of swings, it was. It was my BS where I tried to get really explosive. I moved with a purpose getting under the bar and squatting after each set of swings; I didn’t jerk around avoiding the inevitable. My squats in the fifth cluster felt great. I was really quick out of the hole and didn’t experience any real sticking points. Each rep was fast. I got to the 50 swings in what seemed like short order. I blew through them with relative ease knowing that my efforts, today, were about to be rewarded. I looked at the clock and confirmed what my gut was telling me. I crushed the workout. I put forth my best effort and it paid off, but I was tired at the end. I felt it the rest of the day – literally.

-As I type this I am filled with both anticipation and a sense of foreboding. I am excited for the potential that tomorrow’s workout holds while simultaneously dreading it knowing what will be required of me.

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