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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 12, 20 JULY 2014

-I completed the workout in 45:10. I got 7.5 hours of sleep the night prior.

-My completion time was 1:20 off my quickest completion time. This is particularly notable because I added the some weight. I used the 40 kg bell for my sets of 10 and I increased my FS weight by 3.5%, or 8#, to 243#.

-I will continue to add weight, in some fashion, whenever I can beat the previous fastest time.

-My first cluster felt good, despite using the 40 kg bell for my sets of 10. The sets of 10 swings with the 40 kg bell felt incredible. I could feel my posterior chain working hard and it was a darn good feeling. Each swing with the 40 felt powerful and quick. It was confidence inspiring. My very first FS felt outstanding. I jumped right onto the 32 kg bell for my first set of 15, then right to the bar for a set of 2 FS. They felt good. I knew I was going to have some fun today. I took only 15 breaths in my first minute of recovery, but didn’t feel as recovered as I would have liked. By the end of the 3 minutes I felt good, however, and was ready to rock.

-The second cluster felt really good. The 10 swings with the 40 kg bell felt awesome. There is something incredibly motivating about swinging heavy bells. I love it. My FS felt quick, as did the set of 15 swings with the 32. I got right back under the bar for my 2 FS and they went right up. Then I felt tired. I was feeling the increased intensity from the 40 kg bell and additional FS weight. I had to focus hard on my breathing as 30 seconds goes by quickly. The remainder of the cluster went as expected. The 25 swings were no problem, and the 3 FS felt quick, but it took a little longer to get under the bar than I would have liked. After the FS, within 60 seconds I was back on the bell for my set of 50 and I ripped through them with the expected level of exertion.

-I limited my breaths to just 15, again, in my first minute of recovery, and it was too drastic. My heart was beating too hard for my liking. I’d have to increase the number of breaths I took after the third cluster. -I sailed through the third cluster feeling really good. Again, the 10 swings with the 40 kg bell motivated the hell out of me. I feel like I tore through the sets of 10 swings, 1 FS, 15 swings, and 2 FS. But geez, after those 2 FS I was feeling the increased demand from the 40 kg bell and additional 8# on the FS. It was definitely harder. The remainder of the third cluster was unremarkable. I sailed through it without any issues. It was as challenging as I had expected.

-At the end of the third cluster when it was time to start my 3 minutes of rest I increased my respirations to 18 in the first minute. This made a huge difference in my recovery. I felt calm after the first minute and my heart rate was noticeably lower. I went into the forth cluster ready to get after it.

-The forth cluster was no problem. I knew I was making good time and I pushed hard through all the sets. I took several extra breaths before getting on the bar, after my set of 25 swings, for my 3 FS. I probably jerked around for 10-15 seconds. I felt I needed it as I was winded, but when I got on the bar I realized I was just being weak. The bar went right up. I should have gotten on the bar sooner.

-I hit the fifth cluster knowing that I was in great shape for good completion time. I was physically tired, but mentally strong. I tore into the last set of 10 swings with the 40 kg bell with a very deliberate and focused effort. I closed my eyes, disassociated my breathing from my swings, and executed 10 beautiful swings with the 40, then went straight to the bar and smoked my 1st FS. It felt outstanding. From there is was right to the 32 for a set of 15 swings, a few controlled breaths and back in the FS bar for my set of 2. They felt good – hard, but good and quick. I felt powerful coming out of the hole. The 25 swings were almost effortless, but it left me tired. I took 4 or 5 breaths then forced myself on the bar for my final 3 FS. I couldn’t have asked for a final set to feel better. I feel like I blasted each rep straight up with a rock hard core and perfectly upright position. I gave myself 60 seconds of rest and hit the final 50 swings with determined single-mindedness. I felt freaking great. I went through those 50 swings with a swing rate of about 41 SPM. It was quick enough where my grip nearly failed. My pinky fingers were out of the bell and the ring fingers were barley there. It was all I could do to hand on to the bell, but I did. That SOB wasn’t going anywhere other than where I wanted it.

-I went from moving 42,050# during the last FS workout to moving 43,190#. Once I can move 43,109# on the FS workout in 43:50 or less I will add more weight.

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