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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 8, 14 JULY 2014

-I completed the workout in 45:15, using the 32kg bell. I got 5 hours of sleep the night prior. My swing cadence remained the same at 38 SPM.

-I shaved 4:34 off of my last FS day. I did this in two ways. First, during each cluster, I eliminated the 30 seconds of rest between the sets of 10 KBS/1 FS and 15 KBS/2 FS. Second, I stopped jerking around after each set of KBS avoiding the squats and got on the bar as soon as I was able. The two combined saved me a lot of time.

-Reducing the time between sets and before squatting made the workout noticeably more intense. As I type this I’m still feeling the effects of swinging that bell 500 times and squatting for 30 reps. That is a good thing.

-If there was any surprise in today’s workout it was how good I felt through the whole thing. I didn’t get enough sleep and I ate poorly yesterday. I do continue to use the zone diet, but yesterday’s meals (5 blocks of blue M&M’s, 5 blocks of green M&M’s, and 5 blocks of red M&M’s) were just not what I needed to perform well today.

-Despite my lack of adequate rest and my creative meal planning yesterday I came into the workout today ready to crush it. I had been drooling all morning waiting to get after it. When it was go time I dropped the hammer and didn’t look back.

-The Squats in the second cluster actually felt better than the squats in first cluster.

-The fourth cluster’s 50 KBS was, again, the toughest one to get through.

-The final 50 swings were challenging and my grip was surely tested, but there was no doubt I was going to make it. The FS in the 5th cluster were by far the easiest and felt the quickest.

-My fastest completion time on a FS day is 44:23. That time was achieved using a 24kg bell. Regardless of the fact it was with a lighter bell, I am not going to add weight to the FS until, using a 32 kg bell, I finish the workout in under 44:23.

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