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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 7, 13 JULY 2013

10,000 KBS Workout 7, 13 July

-I completed the workout in 50:54. I got 7 hours of sleep the night prior. I kept my BS weight the same at 285#. My swing rate remained 38 SPM, or 1.6 seconds per swing.

-The first cluster went as expected. BS felt a little slow, swings felt a little heavier than I would have liked, but none of that was surprising. At the conclusion of the set of 50 KBS, I was confident I would have no problem completing the work out.

-The second cluster, too, went as expected. Thus far in this training program the second cluster has been the most challenging, physically. It seems like the squats are always slow and the KBS leave me a little more gassed than I’d like.

-The third cluster felt outstanding. BS felt much smoother and as quick as I was expecting them to feel. The set of 50 KBS went well and my grip was feeling stronger.

-The fourth cluster is quickly becoming the most challenging cluster, mentally. The last cluster is always easy to get through because, well, it’s the last one. And, really, its not the entire cluster that’s tough. It’s the set of 50. That 4th set of 50 is a tough one to do unbroken. It’s always tempting to cave.

-The 5th cluster was a breeze. I felt motivated as hell going into my last 50 swings.

-As I continue to do these workouts my mind set is changing, quickly. I’m very confident in my ability to complete each workout unbroken. I actually look forward to the sets of 10, 15, and 25 KBS, and the BS. They are easy compared to those damn sets of 50 unbroken swings with a 32 kg bell.

-I thought that I was going to beat my completion time from workout 5. I was surprised when I looked up at the clock and saw that I was 24 seconds slower. I think I was too slow in transitioning to the BS in each cluster.

-During today’s workout I was lucky enough to have 2 of my kids PTing along side of me. They did the sets of 10, 15, and 25 swings and when I would BS they did ring pull ups. I had them do 4 rounds for a total of 200 KBS and 24 ring pull ups. They crushed it; made my day!

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