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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 6, 11 JULY 2014

10,000 KBS, Day 6, 11 July

-I completed the work out in 49:49 using the 32 kg bell. I kept the weight on the FS at 235# or just over .72 1 RM. On the sets of 50 KBS I kept my swinging cadence to 38 SPM, or 1.6 seconds per swing. On the sets of 10, 15, and 25 I increased my swinging cadence to 40 SPM or 1.5 seconds per swing.

-Going into the workout this morning I was filled with both anticipation and dread. Yesterday I completed each set of swings unbroken. I had to repeat that performance again today. I was dreading it because I knew the level of exertion it was going to take.

-I went into it deciding to take 30 sec rest before the set of 15 and 25 KBS, but 1 minute of rest before each set of 50 swings. I was able to shave some time off of today’s workout by, after each set of KBS, getting under the bar faster and not taking as many recovery breaths before squatting. I believe I will be able to continue shaving my time by doing so.

-The first cluster was pretty tame. My forearms felt it a bit, squats felt a little slow, and the set of 50 KBS had me breathing heavy, but I completed it unbroken without being too gassed.

-After the second cluster I was dismayed. This was freaking tough. All I could think about was the fact I had to do 3 more clusters. I was wondering why the hell I was doing this. As I was recovering I kept asking myself, “why”. I wanted to sit and breath through my mouth. I remained on my feet, focused on my breathing, and within 20 breaths was feeling better.

-After the 3rd cluster I was pretty tired. My forearms were feeling the set of 50 unbroken KBS and I was breathing heavy. That being said, my mental outlook started to change. I knew I was past the halfway point. All I needed to do was knock out cluster number 4 and I was on easy street.

-I focused hard on disassociative breathing during cluster 4. I blew through the set of 10, 15, and 25, and the sets of 1, 2, and 3 FS without trouble. The set of 50 swings was a challenge and my grip was starting to be tested. I was having a hard time keeping my pinkies engaged. By the end of the set I was swinging with my index, middle, and ring fingers (and thumbs) only.

-During the 3 minutes of rest it all came back to me – my reasons for putting myself through this. I needed it. I needed it more than experimenting, and I needed it more than for health benefits. I had to put myself through some really tough mental and physical stress. I’m not claiming to be a hero, or that I’ve experienced any more than anyone else that has served our country. Simply put I’ve seen some exciting times in my deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Based on my billet and area of operation I spent an inordinate amount of time in high stress, physically demanding situations where I was tested, often. I won’t be getting shot at, chasing down bad guys, or dodging IED’s stateside any time soon, and I miss the mental and physical stress. Testing myself with a challenging workout is a little, “hair of the dog”, you know? Doing these 500 swings in unbroken sets with a 32 kg bell, interspersed with 30 FS, was just what the doctor ordered.

-There is something else upon which I’ve been reflecting during each of these workouts: Mouth breathing, panting, and laying recumbent (or in some other docile and pliant position) when tired or recovering is for animals and cravens, not men and woman. We remain at the ready ever vigilant for the next challenge. Life doesn’t care if your tired, and it never waits for you to stand up. No battle has been won by men lying on their backs. Keep standing tall.

-When my 3 minutes of rest was up I was motivated and ready to eat glass if needed. I was pretty fired up for the 5th cluster. My forearms were going to be tested, I knew it was going to be will power that would get my through this final 100 swings. My set of 10 KBS and 1 FS was done in a heartbeat. I felt great. On to my set of 15 KBS and 2 FS: easy day. I cranked out my set of 25 KBS and 3 FS and felt phenomenal. Those last 3 FS reps were my quickest of the 30. I was breathing heavy and welcomed the 60 seconds of rest, but I was ready to crush my final 50 KBS. You can judge for yourself how they went by watching the video -Today was a break though day. It is no longer a matter of, “if”, I can get through with a 32 kg bell, each set of KBS unbroken. It’s a matter of, “how fast”.

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