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10,000 KBS, WORKOUT 5, 10 JULY 2014

10,000 KBS Day 5, 10 July 2014

-Completed the work out in 50:30 using a 32 kg bell. I kept the BS weight at 285#. I got 7 hours of sleep the night prior. My swinging cadence was consistent at 38 SPM, or 1.6 seconds per swing.

-Stepping up to the 32kg bell turned this work out into exactly for what I was both hoping and dreading.

-In the first cluster I felt the difference immediately. I originally put another 10# on the bar to increase my BS weight to 295#, or ~.75 1RM. At the end of the first cluster I quickly switched back to 285# for the BS. I could have gutted my way through it, but I think it would have been ugly, i.e. bar speed would have suffered greatly.

-My sets of 10, 15, and 25 were all very manageable, if not outright easy. I was, however, much more out of breath after each set of the 3 BS that follow the 25 KBS. After the first cluster I had to up my rest period to 60 seconds prior to starting the set of 50 KBS. I stayed with 30 seconds after my sets of 10 and 15 KBS, and 3 minutes between clusters.

-I continued with the disassociative breathing, and it helped. I tried one set of 50 with conventional hard style breathing, though it was through the nose, only, and I was panting like a girl at the JT concert last night. For clusters 3, 4, and 5 I went back to disassociative breathing. At the end of each cluster my heart rate was lower and my breathing was more controlled, though still labored.

-Doing all 500 swings in unbroken sets with the 32 kg bell made a huge difference. This work out is now freaking challenging for my whole body. I feel awesome, like I got done working hard, really hard. Breathing through the nose, only, from start to finish, was harder to do using the 32 kg bell, too. There were a few moments where I wanted to breath deeply through my mouth; I did not cave. At the end of my last rep I was gassed hard, my legs were quivering, and even my shoulder girdle was feeling the love.

-The sets of 50 KBS were a real challenge for my grip. I made it through each one without putting it down but my breathing became labored and I was truly gassed after each cluster. This was exactly for what I was hoping. Posterior chain feels like a million bucks, really, really solid, as it does only after a perfect KB or DL work out. I am now both dreading and anticipating greatly tomorrow’s session. I can’t wait to do it, but I know now how miserable it’s going to be. You have to love the 32.

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