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Advanced Olympic Weightlifting clinic: For those that have taken the basic clinic with Coach Solomon, please let us know if you are interested in an advanced clinic. It would start the last Sunday in May. 6 weeks – 90$.

Nutrition Seminar: The nutrition seminar with Coach Brett is ending this Saturday. It was extremely successful – ask those that participated in the entire seminar. We will have another seminar starting in June. Please notify Jen if you are interested.

Memorial Day 21 Gun Salute WOD: Please feel free to join us on 26 May at 1100 and participate in our Memorial Day WOD. The Memorial Day WOD will be held in place of the 0930 class. There is no 0930 class on 26 May. We are still holding the 0515, 0630, 1600, 1715, 1815, and 1930 On Ramp.

Please remember we are closed Friday 30 May in observance of Memorial Day. For those that don’t know, Memorial Day is always 30 May. As our country has grown increasingly weak more and more establishments and even our own federal and state government offices started “celebrating” (as they love to say) Memorial Day on a Monday, regardless of the date, in order to create a 3-day weekend. Memorial Day is a somber day, not one to be celebrated. It is a day of remembrance and reflection, and to think of those that have sacrificed for our freedom. I can not overstate the importance and gravity of this day and I encourage you to educate yourselves more fully on the origins and reasons for Memorial Day. While it may be well intended, it is not appropriate to say “Happy Memorial Day”. You guys are some of the most caring and patriotic folks Jen and I have ever met and we know that you want to show veterans your support. That is the reason we wanted to share this with you.

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