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We are very pleased to announce Coach Zach Dylik joining the Athletes Unleashed staff. We love his passion and enthusiasm for training, and his physical abilities are as impressive as his coaching abilities. He is going to be a real asset to the UNLEASHED. We are lucky to have him on the team.


We started a new 3-month training cycle today. This cycle is going to be squat heavy and strength biased.

-We will be squatting every Tuesday and Friday. If you are not able to make it every Tuesday and Friday, don’t sweat it. You will not be following the percentages, but you will still squat.

-We are going to work on our ability to squat. I have spent a lot of time studying photos of your movements. Based on my observations I have developed some squat progressions we are going to be doing in order to improve our mechanics. You will see and feel a difference at the end of three months. Be patient.

The strength bias is a good thing. One can never be too strong. We will learn some “old school” lifts that have fallen, incorrectly, out of favor: Reaves Dead Lift, Jefferson Dead Lift, Bent Press, Two handed “anyhow”, and Floor Press.

The next three Thursdays in April (starting this Thursday) are going to be “clinic” days. If you are not interested in the clinic being offered you are welcome to come in and work on what ever you want. Please understand that the priority for equipment and space will go towards the clinics. Thursdays are slower days; there should be plenty of room.

-17 April: Snatches

-24 April: Jerks

-1 May: Muscle Ups (you need to be able to do multiple unassisted pull ups).

As some of you have come to learn Thursday’s training is always focused on learning a skill. In order to allow you to plan your training more effectively please refer to the following dates:

-8 May – rope climb technique and WOD

-15 May – HSPU technique and WOD

-22 May – Ring technique and WOD

-29 May – KBC&J technique and WOD

-5 June – KBSn technique and WOD

-12 June – Clean Clinic

-19 June – TGU technique and WOD

-26 June – Ring technique and WOD

-3 July – Rope climb technique and WOD

If I have not photographed you squatting while standing on the “blue x”, please let me know. I need to photograph everyone. If you don’t know about what I am speaking, you haven’t been photographed.

Social Events

-The Spring Feast is less then 2 weeks away. If you are coming please ensure to RSVP NLT 20 June. If you have already done so, you are good to go. No need to send in another RSVP.

-Family Day will be in early August this year.

-Lets do another movie night – I’m thinking late June or early July.


-Hell’s Bells is coming off of the schedule in May. The Tuesday 1715 and Wednesday 0930 will be Unleashed WODs.

-Starting this Saturday we are adding an additional class. New class times will be 0700, 0800, 0900 (free class), and 1000-1200 open gym.

-Starting in May, on Saturday at the 0700 class, only, and running through mid June, I will be conducting a “competitors” class. This is open to anyone though participants should be supremely confident in their movements and abilities. There is no scaling, and we will be working on higher end skills.

-There will still be the regular Unleashed WOD going at 0700. After the warm up the class will split in order to conduct training.

-Starting in May the Athletes Unleashed Barbell Club will meet every Mon, Wed, and Fri from 1700-1830. There is no extra cost. If you enjoy the Olympic lifts, and would like to spend more time on them, then start attending the classes. I will be programing in (3) 4-week cycles. While you there is no obligation to attend please understand that the programing is designed for those that do attend regularly.


-If any of you have EMPTY kegs of which you would like to rid yourselves, please let me know. We will take them off your hands.

-We are also looking for logs – big logs. If any of you are clearing land and have some large straight trees you want cut down please let us know. Maybe we can work something out.

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