Founder and Head Coach

Coach Robby has trained athletes of all ages for nearly 20 years. Alpine trekking, nordic skiing, rock climbing, amateur boxing, Olympic weightlifting, rugby, full marathons, sprint triathlons, fitness competitions; he has an incredibly wide breadth of experience in sports, training, and coaching. An infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps for nearly 14 years, Coach Robby has trained our nations finest to win on the battlefield and win in life. He knows how to motivate and get the most from those he leads and trains. A veteran of 3 combat tours, being HARD TO KILL isn’t a catchy slogan – it’s his way of life. Let him help you become HARD TO KILL and win on your battlefield.
USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach
USA Boxing Coach
NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Endurance




As a former public school teacher, Coach Kelly brings together her love of educating others with her passion for fitness in her coaching role at Athletes Unleashed. Kelly has taught numerous grade levels including kindergarten, sixth grade, and developing and teaching the Career and Technical Eduction Personal Training program for the Buffalo Public schools. With a strong background as a teacher and a mother, Coach Kelly ignites the little warrior in our 5-13 yr old Fire Breathers, brings great energy to the UNLEASHED WODs, and ensures the daily operations at Athlete Unleashed.

MS Ed.
USA Weightlifting Coach

CF L-1




Shaun has been involved with sports since a young age.  He grew up playing ice hockey and continued to do so through high school.  His athletic interests took him outside where he became an avid skier and mountain bike rider.  Shaun has spent over 15 years working under the gun and leading the charge in the restaurant industry.  He has brought these skills to his role as a coach at Athletes Unleashed.

Shaun has the following certifications:

CrossFit L1




A Western New York native, Beth has always been involved in athletics. Before CrossFit and weightlifting she participated in soccer and basketball.  After graduating from Buffalo State with a BA in history, she started focusing more on group fitness classes. In 2013, she decided to train for the Tough Mudder which led her to CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, and ultimately Athletes Unleashed, Inc.  As a Coach, she loves to help others overcome their physical limitations and inspire athletes to stay in the fight for their health and fitness.

She has the following degrees and certifications:

BA Degree in History

MA Degree in History
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
CrossFit Mobility Certified
USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach Certification




Coach Scott has been an athlete and competitor for most of his life, participating in hockey and wrestling in high school and then rugby in college. After being graduated from college he remained active doing by mountain biking, hiking and rock and ice climbing but missed training and competing in the team environment. Coach Scott came to Athletes Unleashed, Inc. as a way to supplement his training for climbing and hiking and quickly realized that this was what he had been missing. CrossFit combined perfectly the physical and mental training he was looking for with the camaraderie and team atmosphere he enjoyed while training and competing in high school and college. Scott has coached wrestling and track at the high school level and loves motivating people and helping them reach their full potential.

CrossFit L1